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KOMBOLOGIA – Online Shop, was founded to provide the highest quality Komboloi, in unique modern and traditional designs, with natural rare beads at the best prices worldwide! With over two decades of experience, we can assure you that you are in good hands and in the right place! Perfection and Uniqueness is the leading spirit that fulfilled the idea of our shop.

We are traveling and collecting rare beads from all over the World with passion and enthusiasm. All purchased are through authorized channels, either directly from the manufacturers themselves, through distributors or authorized dealers. We can say that perfectionism is our major characteristic.

Since 2003 we are running an eBay store with great success and 100% positive feedback. In 2016 we start selling also on Etsy shop. We have customers and loyal collectors from all over the World. Their feedback’s, encourage us to build this website in order to provide our collection and products in details with better customer service.

We offer a collection of kombolois with natural precious beads like Amber, Yusuri, old Faturan, Mastic, Wood, Coral, Bone, Horn, Aromatic nuts, Gemstones, and old antique beads from all over the World. All beads are checked carefully one by one to ensure their quality and strength for an excellent Komboloi.

After many years of experience we are in the position to choose and work with the highest quality materials and beads, for creating a unique collectible and everyday use komboloi. Our main goal is to provide other collectors and general buyers a precious piece of Greek & Cypriot culture, well known worldwide. Transforming the traditional komboloi, the komboloi that our fathers were holding, to a new modern fashion accessory. We like to pass this tradition to younger ages.

We are constantly increasing and keeping our collection updated. Our website online ordering process is 100% secure and all your information is encrypted through bank level security. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us!

We have a reputation for excellence! Please read our customers testimonials.

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