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Moonstone 19 beads 12x15mm



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Moonstone handmade komboloi created with 19+1 natural Gemstone Moonstone in barrel shape beads of 12x15mm diameter with original tibetan silver metals, 37cm total length, 28cm + 9cm tassel, and 86g total weight.

It comes with a gift vintage pouch.

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Moonstone is believed to be a stone of destiny. It is strongly connected to the moon and the divine feminine, making it a wonderfully helpful stone for women. It is worn to increase fertility and harmonize the mind, providing health and protection. Moonstone helps to align the hormone production, metabolism and reproduction. It allows deep-rooted feelings to energize and come to the forefront.
Crystallography Refractive Hardness Gravity Birefringence Formula
Monoclinic1.518 -1.5256 - 6.52.56 – 2.590.005 – 0.007KAlSi3O8

IGS (International Gem Society) Moonstone has been highly valued for centuries, especially by royalty. Currently, its popularity is probably highest in Germany and the Scandinavian nations, where it’s preferred over pearl and alexandrite as the June birthstone. Its characteristic phenomenal effect, adularescence, is named after a mining site at Mt. Adular in Switzerland. (Moonstone is also sometimes called “adularia”).