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Tiger’s Eye 23 beads 10x12mm


Tiger’s Eye23+110x12mm28cm60g

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Tiger’s Eye handmade komboloi created with 23+1 natural Tiger’s Eye beads of 10x12mm diameter in barrel shape with original tibetan silver metals, 28cm total length, and 60g total weight. It comes with a free gift pouch.

S/N: YI-12-45

Tiger’s Eye helps to re-balance the body on all levels, encouraging optimism and trust in the future. It brings brightness and light into all situations and shines insight onto all problems. Tiger’s Eye brings good luck, abundance and prosperity to its wearer. In many ancient civilizations, it was used as a talisman against bad luck and curses. Tiger’s Eye is a must have in any home for healing.
Crystallography Refractive Hardness Gravity Birefringence Formula
Hexagonal (R)1.544 – 1.55372.651Up to 0.009SiO2

IGS (International Gem Society) Crocidolite, (blue asbestos,) alters to quartz, but while retaining its fibrous structure. This material is frequently stained by iron, giving it a golden brown color. We know this material as tigers eye. Unstained pieces, retaining their original blue color, are called Hawk’s Eye. There are also pieces with both colors.