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Yusuri 19 beads 12x15mm



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Nature Yusuri handmade komboloi created with 19+1 natural Black Coral in barrel shape beads of 12x15mm diameter with original tibetan silver metals, 38cm total length, 29cm + 9cm tassel, and 46g total weight.

Excellent quality of very rare Black Coral Beads. It comes with a gift vintage Leather pouch.

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Yusuri is the black coral from a sea bush. It is called “Yusuri” and it comes from the Arabic word “yuser”, meaning “black coral”. The black coral of the Mediterranean Sea is the best quality of all on the planet. It is considered one of the most classical materials for the creation of strings of beads. It is not concrete because, each time, it creates new bark over the previous older one.
Hexagonal (R)1.563.5 to 42.60 to 2.64Up to 0.160C32H48N2O11

IGS (International Gem Society) black and gold coral are relative newcomers to northern cultures, they have long been used as gem material in their native territories. They are found primarily off the coasts of Hawaii and Cameroon. Akori corals from Cameroon were highly prized before the eighteenth century. Hawaiian gold coral is the rarest gem coral variety and harder than other varieties. It was first described scientifically in the 1970s. The harvesting of this gem material, however, is currently restricted and cost prohibitive due to environmental considerations. The best black corals come from the Mediterranean.
Etymology: From the Greek korallion.