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“I received 3 pairs of Komboloi about 2 weeks ago. The quality is fantastic and I am very impressed. For the custom orders I communicated with Yiannis and he was very helpful and friendly. I sent one of the pairs back to be readjusted and he was very helpful and kind with that. I will be returning back here for my next pairs of Komboloi!
JonMichael Sinanis, 10-12-2019


“I am delighted! All the details are phenomenal, you have an amazing touch and sense for your customers! Thank you!
Peđa Lončar, 6-11-2019


“I just receive my beads and thank you so much to Kombologia team for the excellent cutting and material provided. It was the first time I received something that was out of my expectation. Looking forward to a long journey ahead with all of you.
Abdel Samad, 5-04-2019


“Received the parcel today. It is awesome. Thanks! It is perfectly what I wanted. I really like the care for detail and the packaging as well. A very classy and appreciated quality to your work and business ethic. Thanks again!!”
Ayren Steuerwald, 7-09-2016


“I received my parcel today. I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful komboloi and service. You are incredibly quick to ship and your products are wonderful. My friends totally love it. I’m a fan and I am delighted to share my opinion. I’m glad to see your new website. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with! If you were on Amazon, I would give you 5 stars!”
Christopher Richardson, 21-03-2016


“I am submitting this testimonial happily and satisfied. I got exactly what I was waiting. I get so many compliments for my new komboloi. I have been on the hunt for years, looking for a traditional Komboloi from my country. I recommend it to EVERYONE! Thank you!”
Melenia Chrisanthi, 17-03-2016


“Dear Yiannis greetings, I send you my own testimony about your website. We have the same passion and enthusiasm, I am a collector since 1980 and looking for rare collectible beads in order to enrich my collection. Recommend your worry beads unconditionally, “Your collection is an eye catcher. and your art great, and I tell you my friend, a thank you again
Anastasios Maroulakis, 22-03-2015


“I am enjoying my komboloi purchases from this pass July. I just wanted to write to tell you how much I’m grateful from my recent order from you! I am a Cypriot repatriated after 35 years of foreign lands. We honor the culture and our tradition with respect and dignity. Thanks for what you do and for a great quality product.”
Theodoros Christoforou, 17-02-2015


“Hi! I just received my order from your Kombologia eshop, and the komboloi is just wonderful. The wrapping of the package is great; it looks vintage from old times. I can’t wait to give it to my friend! I’ll be back for more – what wonderful gift idea! Thank you for the wonderful wrapping! I love this komboloi! I’m so glad I bought it and I’ll definitely be back to get more!”
Margaret Constantinou, 19-12-2014


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    Greetings from KOMBOLOGIA!

    Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your personal experience with Kombologia store. Your thoughts are important and I really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. Your testimonial means a lot to me. I try hard to provide the best possible kombolois and services to my customers and their satisfaction is my reward. The more satisfied customers leads to a thriving business. So testimonials like yours are extremely important to me. Thank you once again for your feedback. I truly appreciate it!

    Loyal customers like you make doing business a pleasure. Thanks again.

    Best Regards, Yiannis


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